i) MBBS at least 2nd division, Preferably dealing with Mentally Retarded Children;
ii) Registration with PMDC.
iii) Regular house job for one year. IMPORTANT
       NOTE:- The candidates who had applied to PMDC for full Registration of their MBBS degrees on or before the closing date but;
a) PMDC Registration Certificates were issued after the closing date; or
b) PMDC Registration Certificates have not been issued so far; Will be held eligible subject to the condition that such candidates will have to produce documentary evidence properly stamped & signed by the Competent Authority of PMDC that they have applied for such Registration on or before the closing date.
c) The candidates who had applied to PMDC for renewal of their expired registration after the closing date shall also be held eligible.
d) Provisional PMDC registration certificate for house job only shall not be acceptable for eligibility.

Female: 22 to 30 + 08 = 38 years

GENDER: Female Only